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You don’t need to be an expert in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies; our professional traders will make you money while you don’t lift a single finger.

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In 2016, 1 bitcoin was worth 434.46 euros.
In 2022, 1 bitcoin fluctuates between 40,000
euros and 60,000 euros.

Can you imagine what a colossal fortune you would have at the moment if you had invested in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in 2016?
It would help if you didn't miss the opportunity to multiply your revenue with Bitcoin Era. In 2021, more than 144 million people had invested in bitcoin to multiply their money. Are you ready to join this number that is growing every day?
Join our family of investors and enjoy the crypto era in all the glory of the word.

Growing profits. Economic stability. A bitcoin app that
backs you up.

Why will Bitcoin Era help you make money trading cryptocurrencies?

A secure and fast bitcoin application with peer-to-peer technology that works without errors or hacks, without the involvement of banks or central authorities that interfere with your commissions and profits. Bitcoin Era offers software with a simple, effective, and stable user experience.

In addition, its technology is based on an algorithm or bot responsible for analyzing millions of data in a matter of seconds to offer you the best investment possibility.

This trading robot is automatic, so you don’t need to have the experience to use it. No trading system will help you make money with the stability, speed, and security of the Bitcoin Era.

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Why? Look at its features:

It has at its disposal a new technology to generate economic gains. After signing up, it will take just a few minutes to start making money trading bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Are you ready to trade with the most reliable application of the moment to invest in cryptocurrencies?
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Bitcoin Trading
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BTC price chart

Look at the exponential growth that BTC has seen in recent months. And experts estimate that bitcoin prices will continue to grow. So, don’t you think this is the best time to invest and generate profits with bitcoin trading?

Of course, as empathetic human beings that we are, we recommend that you do not invest more than the money you can afford to lose.

That way, your personal and family capital will always be safe.

But, this chart with an upward trend means that your investment can generate juicy profits after making it with a reliable and skilled trader.

Cryptocurrencies Chart

How will Bitcoin Era help you make
money from crypto trading?

One of the best ways to start generating income with cryptocurrency is to use an online trading app. Bitcoin Era allows you to securely use its advanced features that are easy to learn.

You already know that there are many applications for trading cryptocurrencies. However, we understand that only some have positive results.

So why take the risk?

Do you want to experiment with your capital with apps that you don’t know will deliver the results you expect?

Why not trust the actual testimonials of millions of users watching the Bitcoin Era, a new way to invest and EARN? We don’t try to tell you that this is the best BTC investment platform without giving you a valid reason. Bitcoin Era is your best investment option because it guarantees bitcoin trading with the best and most prestigious agents in the market, experts prepared to know where to invest safely to make a profit.

You can count on the support of a team that provides you with:
Bitcoin ERA Accurate and fast performance

Accurate and fast performance

You will be able to observe data and prices in real-time to know the changes and profits of your investment in seconds.

Bitcoin ERA Personalized assistance

State of the art technology

Software developed by experts and professionals guarantees your secure connections.
Bitcoin ERA State of the art technology

Personalized assistance

The help of a dedicated team to provide you with assistance and help when you need it.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Era


Suppose you are not convinced that this is a safe, reliable, and effective option to invest in. In that case, we explain the advantages of this online cryptocurrency app so that you decide to multiply your money.

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1. Secure bitcoin trading

Investing always carries a risk. This is understood by anyone who has invested in a small local business, such as buying and selling household supplies.

But wouldn’t it be much easier for that same investor to receive advice that investing in office supplies would bring more sales?

That way, you could be safer in your investment. Well, Bitcoin Era allows you to conduct business with agents that increase your likelihood of success. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert; this app makes it easier for you.

Of course, you will need to decide which market you want to invest in. Still, this decision can be made by following the data provided by the platform.
Secure Payment for Crypto Trading

2. Advance and secure tecnology

Advanced and modern technology is a more secure technology that can protect itself from hacks or other cyber attacks.

And this app is at the peak of innovation.

Bitcoin Era has advanced blockchain software that ensures that the app, as an automated algorithm, can use its digital neural network to increase the likelihood of success of its live trading.

In addition, you can use its DEMO function to learn how the application works while you become familiar with it.
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3. You don't need to be an expert.

The official bitcoin apps offer some advantages, but nothing like this one.

If you decide to join the crypto era, rest assured that you don’t need to be an investment expert or use trading apps to start trading cryptocurrencies safely.

This is not like other applications, which have complex functions to understand. They confuse you and contribute to making a mistake that you later regret.

Thanks to the crypto era, investing in cryptocurrencies for 2022 is much easier.
Cryptocurrency Trading Experts

4. Optimize trading operations

Have you seen that many cryptocurrency applications and online trading platforms offer the possibility of getting rich in a short time? thanks to them! Although that is possible, the reality is that many seek to convince you without a hint of honesty.


In our case, we want to tell you that you can make a lot of money quickly if you know about investments. But, if you are a beginner, you are unlikely to get rich in a short time.

But you need to be sure that you will be able to carry out much safer trading operations because the automatic robot analyzes your investment possibilities using bitcoin’s big data. Thus, you will have reliable information with a tiny margin for error.

Total: the numbers don’t lie. Statistics help predict the future.

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money with bitcoin from today?

Starting to make money trading cryptocurrencies only takes 4 steps:



Complete the registration form to start your operations. Once you submit your information, one of our agents will verify it, and you will receive an email for the next step.

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Verify your account

You will need to verify your identity by completing the information. In addition, you will receive a call from our agents for this step.

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Invest your money

The more you invest, the more you can earn. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend starting with the minimum amount allowed until you gain more experience.

In this step, you will click on “Trade,” and the app’s bot will analyze the best investment opportunities.
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Bitcoin ERA Application


Receive your winnings

After trading your bitcoins, receive your winnings. And that’s it.
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Cryptocurrency Trading

A live trading application with
which you can succeed in the
world of cryptocurrencies by 2022

By working just a few minutes each day, you can make safe
and effective trades that allow you to make short and long-
term profits.

Remember that this bitcoin application works using an intelligent algorithm capable of helping you make safe investment decisions. Also, remember that cryptocurrency volatility is at its peak. This means that there are very rapid and sudden gains and falls.

And how can Bitcoin Era help you take advantage of these changes to make money? The app’s robot will show you when is the best time to buy bitcoin as you reach a low value of the cryptocurrency. Similarly, it will tell you when is the perfect time to sell bitcoin, taking advantage of its reaching a very high value or peak.Thus, you will use the scalping technique to generate profits. Don’t you know it?This technique involves applying leverage to small trades, trading with purchases and sales in the concise term.

Don’t you think making money trading in the crypto era is straightforward?

What other evidence do you have that
Bitcoin Era reduces investment risk?

Bitcoin ERA Accurate business data

Accurate business data

The application’s algorithm performs a comprehensive analysis of live and historical price of bitcoin to provide accurate data and signals that help you reduce investment risk and earn greater profits.


The app does this fundamental and technical analysis without user’s intervention, so it’s reliable and easy to use.

Bitcoin ERA Effective and accurate robot

Effective and accurate robot

The robot uses automated or manual technology for investments, which you can use depending on whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The best thing about this is that if you choose the automated option, the robot will enter or exit investments according to the previously selected rules, making it profitable.
Bitcoin ERA Security and privacy protection

Security and privacy protection

The Bitcoin Era application uses the highest encryption security system to prevent you or your data from being stolen.

 You can use broker verification and compliance with all established regulations to ensure the protection and security of information.

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Bitcoin Trading
Cryptocurrency Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a very effective artificial intelligence algorithm with an innovative design that seeks to facilitate bitcoin trading operations for investors, whether they are expertes or beginners.

Many traders worldwide use it to optimize their operations,reduce investment risks and contribute to a more stable and accessible cryptocurrency market.

The app is responsible for using its robot to analyze when it is appropriate to make purchases or sales of cryptocurrencies and thus guarantee profits.

It uses an extensive data analysis system following a series of patterns and characteristics that you have placed in advance.

This is a straightforward system to use. It has high profitability rates, suitable for experts and beginners.

You can amortize an investment of $250 in a year if you have an essential investment capacity.

However, we cannot assure you that you will make money with this method, especially if you do not know, so we recommend investing wisely.

This is a resounding no. Many ask us that because of the enormous returns and dividends this bot leaves. However, it does not follow a Ponzi scheme.

Instead, it is based on artificial intelligence and efficient leverage that is carried out thanks to brokers and partner agents, which leaves so much profitability.

Remember that you can use the automatic function for your trades. In that case, you only need a few minutes to set up the trading conditions and let the app work its magic.

So you don’t have to waste time, quit your workday or run out of sleep to start your operations.